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Double fly rigs

2011/7/7 20:06
From South Central,PA
Posts: 162
I've been messing with double rigs for nymphing and haven't decided what I like best.

1) Blood knot with long tag for second fly. I usually use about a foot of tippet for the lower fly and about a 5 inch long tag end for another fly. This is my favorite but its the most time consuming to modify.

2) Dropper from the hook bend of the first fly. Easy enough but not sold on how they ride in the water. It looks very linear... I like seeing the two nymph moving more independently.

3) Tippet ring with two tippets attached. One long and One short. In theory I like this the best because it's the most modifiable. However, it looks clunky. Tippet ring and clinch knots seem noticeable in the water.

For a dry and a dropper I almost always tie the dropper to the hook of the dry.

So what do you like and why?

Posted on: 2013/1/18 22:20

Re: Double fly rigs

2012/12/22 20:54
From Archbald
Posts: 0
I've only tried one method and that is attaching the dropper to the bend of the hook. It seems to work fine for me, and it doesn't seem as if the fish mind the way it looks.

Posted on: 2013/1/18 22:24

Re: Double fly rigs

2012/3/14 6:23
From Lancaster
Posts: 540
I tie off the bend of the hook on the top fly with a clinch knot almost always when fishing two nymphs. It's easy and I catch fish on both flies consistently. No wasted fishing time spent untangling twisted tippet. It is virtually like fishing one fly. I generally fish the heaviest fly on the point.

Posted on: 2013/1/18 22:39

Re: Double fly rigs

2011/6/12 20:15
From Newville, PA
Posts: 126
When fishing multiple nymphs, I rig a weighted anchor fly on the end of my tippet and add 1, but more often 2 flies attached to droppers tied to the tippet using double surgeons knots leaving the tag end 6" long.

Posted on: 2013/1/19 9:20
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Re: Double fly rigs

2010/2/15 19:09
From Ohio
Posts: 92
I used to always tie off the bend of the hook. Last year I began experimenting with tag end of the blood knot. There are more tangles with the blood knot method, but both ways catch fish. I think it’s a matter of preference. I don't think one method catches more fish than the other. I've done well both ways.

Posted on: 2013/1/19 10:19

Re: Double fly rigs

2011/3/2 13:43
From Gamehendge
Posts: 9
I always tie of the bend of the hook from my dry to the first (heaviest) nymph, then off the bend of the hook to my second nymph. Never have a problem with it and i dont have to learn new knots. Works for me.

Posted on: 2013/1/19 12:24
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Re: Double fly rigs

2010/1/21 17:06
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 0
I tie to the bend...

for steelhead, this odd combo works like a lucky charm

3x flouro down to bugger

6'' of 4x flouro down to estaz (usually peach or pink)

also reverse the two... gives the 'baitfish chasing eggs' visual.

I used to space my droppers out by 8+'', however, don't anymore after much success the past 2 seasons w. the above.

Posted on: 2013/1/30 19:11
Sure, we can assiduously three-quarter our wets down stream, mend, and wait out each fly swing, which to my way of thinking, anyway, relegates to the angler to role of butler, rather than nemesis.

-Art Lee

Re: Double fly rigs

2013/2/13 1:41
From Indiana Co., PA
Posts: 31
Almost all of my nymphing is done with tandem rigs, i tie the heavier of the two first then attach a flouro tippet to the bend of the first nymph with a 12"-18" drop attached to the second lighter nymph. I catch fish on both and they dont seem to mind the knot on the first nymph, i get takes on both

Posted on: 2013/2/13 23:40

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