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Re: Best technique to use for Wooly Buggers?

2012/8/24 16:03
From Philly
Posts: 0
I have caught fish on the bugger directly downstream from me, both further downstream and close enough for me to see the fish come darting out from nowhere and take the bugger which is an awesome experience.

Posted on: 2013/1/15 22:13

Re: Best technique to use for Wooly Buggers?

2010/3/29 6:56
From cambria county
Posts: 307
I dead drift in winter with a few twitches. keep the tip high when drifting. At the end of drift strip in line in quick burst but let fly drift for a few seconds before you strip again.

I don't fish them often. But when i do dead drifting worked the best for me. Maybe because i am used to nymphing.

Posted on: 2013/1/18 15:16
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Re: Best technique to use for Wooly Buggers?

2010/11/9 17:36
From Garnet Valley, PA
Posts: 0
I feel inadequate. I think I am the only fly angler in the world that has never caugh a fish on a bugger. I try, but i really dont have confidence in it and probably give up too quickly. I did a lot of warm water fishing last year and i didnt even hook up with a bluegill. Small black and red clouser is my go to streamer.

Posted on: 2013/1/30 20:05

Re: Best technique to use for Wooly Buggers?

2012/3/22 8:26
From Couldn't Care Less
Posts: 1358
Quick question .. when fishing a bugger (using the drift+swing around+strip technique) should I be using an indicator.

Last time I went out I had success on the WB but only felt tension on the strip. My feeling is I may be missing on opportunities on the 1st 2/3'rds as it was like nymphing w/out an indicator which I've done once when I didn't know better.

Posted on: 2013/1/31 11:13
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Re: Best technique to use for Wooly Buggers?

2011/5/3 12:22
From Morgantown, PA
Posts: 1266
You can use an indicator, but I generally don't. My leader when fishing Buggers is generally pretty short...I used a 5' or so furled leader with maybe another 12-18" of 3x tippet tippet on it for Trout. For Bass I just use 10lb mono for the tippet section. Because the leader/tippet is fairly short you can usually see strikes during the dead drift as tugs or pauses in the line leader connection. So basically I guess I just use the line/leader connection as my indicator when drifting a Bugger.

Another reason for no indicator...An indicator theoretically would keep your Bugger higher in the water column during the swing and strip phases too. I usually find I have more success by trying to keep the fly as deep as possible during the swing/'s gonna rise in the water column to some degree on its own anyway.

Posted on: 2013/1/31 11:22

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