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Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2009/12/17 20:43
From Souderton PA
Posts: 948
Don't feel too bad Auriemma. At least you will remember to check you knots for the next week or so. I have been tying cinch or improved cinch knots for about 40 years and still can't remember to check the darn things. I lost a nice fish on Sunday that I swear united the knot.
Do any or you guys use a non-cinch to tie the fly on? I played with the Orvis knot and the Davey knot. The Orvis knot is nice, but for some reason I can never remember how to tie it when I'm on the stream. The Davey knot is very simple, but there is some trick to tying it consistently that I have not yet figured out.

Posted on: 2011/5/2 16:29
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Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2009/2/11 13:14
From Lehigh Valley
Posts: 1262
Depending on if you used Monofilament or Flourocarbon the clinch may or may not be the knot for you. I know for a fact that Florocarbon has a tendency to break far more often when used with standard clinch,use a improved clinch its way better but be sure to really soak the knot before cinching down for flourocarbon seems to hvae a harder time cinching than mono,also a palomar is another floolowed by a San Diego Jam knot.
One thing i think hurts a angler more than anything is bad knot execution and also not apllying enough moisture beffore you cinch.If you want you can also use plain old chapstick to lube your knots,try that i think youd be surprised.
Tight Wraps & Tight lines
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Posted on: 2011/5/2 18:44

Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2010/1/21 17:06
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 1052
The only time I find necessity for improved clinch knots is when I'm swinging/stripping wets, dries, streamers with smaller tippet (4-6x)...

last night, a nice hatch of small green caddis came off. I was pulling an x-caddis under water after the skate, stripping, and lost three flies right after one another. Switched to an improved clinch and problem solved.

Posted on: 2011/5/3 12:43
Sure, we can assiduously three-quarter our wets down stream, mend, and wait out each fly swing, which to my way of thinking, anyway, relegates to the angler to role of butler, rather than nemesis.

-Art Lee

Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2007/10/17 10:49
From florida
Posts: 6945
If your tippet material is old it will snap and you think it was a bad knot. Tie an overhand knot and pull the tippet,if it breaks get new tippet. I use uni knots,easy to tie and reliable,imo.
Also wet the knot before you tighten it.

Posted on: 2011/5/3 13:54
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Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2011/4/6 10:22
From W. Norriton, PA
Posts: 69
Sorry, been away for a few days. Went to Central PA with some friends for a shooting and fishing weekend. The shooting was fun (never did it before), the fishing... not so much. As predicted in other threads, it was blown out, fast running, chocolate water.
We tried a few places but no luck.

All my knot failures have been the curly end kind... so my knots are slipping, not breaking. I wet them, snug them down and pull them tight. I will have to check my method of tying again. I'll tie on a fresh tippet before I go out again, just to be sure.

Posted on: 2011/5/4 10:24
...losing flies since 2011

Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2010/5/1 9:10
From NE OH
Posts: 1341
Love the clinch and the modified. I will overstate what has been already stated...slow down, wet your line before before pulling the knot tight, and check your knot after pulling it down. If the knot is not looking right (which means absolutely perfect) to you, loosen it, and retighten it. I do find the improved clinch works just fine with fluoro if you just take your time with the steps.

Posted on: 2011/5/10 10:20
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Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2011/5/6 17:55
From Harrisburg
Posts: 455
I find it helpful to pull on the tag end until the clinch knot begins to take a form, then wet it and pull on both the string and fly/lure (not the tag). I have had only one classic clinch knot come undone. Any other failures are usually due to failures in the line or exceeding the stress limit

Posted on: 2011/5/11 1:57

Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2006/9/11 13:05
From Lewistown
Posts: 3716
To piggy-back on the previous poster should have pressure on all three ends:tag, tippet and fly, while tightening.

Posted on: 2011/5/11 9:25
><(Mkern{( ‘ >

Re: #$@%! KNOTS!

2011/1/15 18:21
Posts: 434
To add my 2 cents, I was a improved clinch/clinch knot guy for all of my young angling career(23 years old). However, I was fishing Spring a week ago when flows were 350+ and I lost two rainbows of 17" +/- an inch when they got into some fast water. This lead to a thread on here about tippet size. However, the problem was not the tippet strength, but the knot strength. I looked up some lab tests and the clinch/improved clinch is only worth 60% of the line strength, which sucks big time. Switch to a new knot, the palomar knot or the trilene knot are only about one step more than the improved clinch, and they are tough knots(90%+ line strength). I have fished the trilene 5 times in the past week and I have the utmost confidence in its strength.

Posted on: 2011/5/11 21:50

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